sobota, augusta 27, 2011

Broken Sword sells >250k on iOS, Revolution Software resurrected and working on new adventures

Czech gaming website has done a pretty cool coverage of upcoming games in classic adventure genre. Lots of behind-the-scene information as well as unconfirmed rumours which are likely to happen are included.

Tablets - adventure gamer paradise
I've been saying this since I tried my first point-and-click, sorry, touch, adventure game on iPod Touch. Numbers prove it: The first part of Broken Sword has sold over 250 000 copies on iPhone and iPad. You can count myself for buying both. We can expect that numbers for the sequel also available on the App Store are similar. What is more important, such success gives Charles Cecil and his team a new chance in today's wider games audience. They are reportedly developing several new 2.5 adventure games only with their own funding. Broken Sword 5 should be among them.

I wonder how many copies of iOS version of Monkey Island 1 & 2 has sold. It can be in similar range as Broken Sword because both of them are well-ported and the legendary jokes don't change. We'll find out soon enough if Lucas Arts resurrects some of their other franchise treasures. The article even mentions some things about Days of the Tentacle 2.

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