piatok, apríla 29, 2011

Czech Craneball Studios with 1.41 million free iPhone downloads in March

Congrats to our Czech colleagues from Craneball for such a great achievemnt - they're in top 3 or 4. The latest report by Xyologic proves that freemium business model rocks in mobile (social) gaming.

Glu Mobile, which saw 2.48 million downloads of free games with in-app purchases in March. The second-ranked company was Pocket Gems, with 1.55 million downloads. That was followed by TeamLava (part of Storm8) with 1.41 million; Craneball Studios with 1.41 million; Gameview Studios with 1.41 million; Sunstorm Interactive with 1.18 million; Capcom Interactive with 969,000; Backflip Studios with 933,000; Storm8 with 752,000; and BayView Labs (DeNA) with 723,000.

Full story at VentureBeat 

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