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Java/Android Game Developer: job opportunity @ mobile social games studio in Prague. RT & share.

About Us

Lonely Sock is a start-up game development studio working in the hottest areas of gaming – mobile & social games. Currently in stealth mode but already searching for the best and most talented developers in Central Europe who will create the core team – the beating heart of young company. If you feel like one of them, you want to work on innovative and exciting games played by millions worldwide, apply now!


Job Title

Java/Android Game Developer

Job Description

This position will be working on Lonely Sock’s first mobile social game. Successful candidate will be leading the client development from scratch to launch. He or she will be part of the dedicated core team delivering truly global product to the world. The candidate has to be prepared to live in fast-paced start-up environment.


  • Build the game from beginning to launch using Android SDK API
  • Work together with the rest of development team
  • Stay up-to-date with latest changes of fast evolving platforms and emerging standards


  • 3+ years of experience developing games ideally on mobile/web platforms
  • Expert in Java and understanding of server-client technologies
  • Some experience with Android development environment
  • Love towards gaming is a must. Passion about mobile and social games more than appropriate
  • Ability to come up with new pioneering solutions
  • Team player: be reliable core member of a small team
  • English language proficiency


  • Experience in mobile or social games development a very big one
  • Online games development experience
  • Web-mobile development experience
  • Experience with Agile development

What we offer

  • Exciting but challenging position that will be key part of the core team in ambitious young company with global products.
  • Creative and fun environment (We’re making games!)
  • Visible impact of your decisions on final and global product
  • No bureaucracy in decision-making process
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Super-fast career growth opportunities




Upon agreement but competitive + bonus scheme


Sick days
Home office


Please apply at fun at lonelysockgames dot com


Posted via email from Juraj Chrappa startin-up

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